1. Monkey and Rooster <3 #ChineseNewYear

  2. I started young. #ThrowbackThursday

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  4. If God Wills It


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    A reblog from my glacially progressing word depository account.

  5. Socio classroom vandalism. Go figure.


  6. A pretentious effort at getting across from Across

    If anyone should
    Why I am
    All in


    I will smile
    For you
    And insist


    Is just
    My favorite color


  7. "We are indebted to one another and the debt is a kind of faith — a beautiful, difficult, strange faith. We believe each other into being."
    — Powerful, necessary read on the social contagion of suicide and how we can preempt it (via explore-blog)

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  8. glamour:

    Wedding style, a la India. A true feast for the eyes with the vibrant colors and texture, texture, texture. Photographed by Signe Vilstrup and styled by Priyanka Kapadia and Lorna McGee for Vogue India.  *Dressed